The Art of Yarn Storming

Yarn storming has hit Kalispell! Several trees and a park bench, on the lawn of the Hockaday Museum of Art, have been bombed!


Yarn bombing has hit the lawn of the Hockaday Museum in Kalispell


Have you ever heard of yarn bombing – also known as guerilla knitting, yarn storming, or urban knitting? Am I the last one on the planet to hear about this form of street art? Being one of the first to get a computer and cell phone in the 80’s, (although the last to get a microwave oven) it is a little surprising that I am behind the times.

Urban knitting has been around for years, with the the first recordings of it dating back as early as 2004 in Den Helder, Netherlands. And in 2005, a group of Texan knifty knitters gathered their leftover projects and created a yarn storm. Hmm, where have I been?

The idea is to change public spaces into colorful displays of street art. Because the creations are made of yarn it can last indefinitely, but is considered non-permanent. The works of art may be knitted, crocheted, macramed, or strung single stranded. As with any other defacing of public property, yarn storming is considered illegal unless one has permission to do so as in the case of the yarn bombing exhibit at the Hockaday Museum .

I went out and took some pictures of these crafty creations on the lawn of the museum. This one is my least favorite; it has a sports motif.

Colorful but my least favorite.


A patriotic 4th of July flair on this one, wouldn’t you say.




Next up. Cool funky chic.


Kind of a mish-mash


Storming up the light pole is what I call this design.



The next one is an example of a wrap. Notice the yarn is simply wrapped around the tree trunk and branches. I like this one the best.




About this next yarn creation, a follower of my 365 project commented that it looks like a tree with pants. Funny. And yes, it does!




When I first noticed the lawn of the Hockaday with it’s decorated trees, I had no idea what was going on other than to surmise it had something to do with art. It didn’t cross my mind that it was a form of graffiti.


Everywhere you look, life is an adventure!

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