Wolves Dig Up Bony Leg!

I’m no stranger to synchronicity, but the experience always brightens my day. Last night, in a dream, I saw a head peering through the darkness into the kitchen window. Startled by what I thought was a mid-winter bear, I looked through the patio door instantly seeing a pack of the most vicious, snarling, huge wolves lunging toward me. Picking up a chair to defend myself in case they broke through the glass, I stood frozen until they decided to run off to wherever wolves go. We’ve lived in Montana for almost nine years and have yet to see a single wolf.

This morning I decided to check the trailcam after well over a week of neglect. After mostly deer pictures and the occasional human, something new popped up this morning. Was it a really heavy coyote? Nope, there were apparently two wolves digging up from under the snow, a pumpkin and one of Buck’s bony legs! Today we discovered that unlike deer and humans, wolves pretty much ignore game trails and travel, without snowshoes, through the deep snow.






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