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the RMKK people

the RMKK people at Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana


Welcome to RMKK Companion!

We’re the RMKK people – Eileen, David, Marlene, and Mallory.

In 2005, 6 months before infamous Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, we took a giant leap from our lives in the busy suburbs of New Orleans and moved to the rural countryside of NW Montana.

Life in Montana is very different than life in the deep south. We became enthralled with our new home and thought it would be interesting to share what life is really like in the rural west.

One might say this website is our version of “Call of the Wild”.

With our unique perspective, and often with a southern flair, we share adventures of life at the edge of the wilderness in Montana, and beyond.

All of our articles are for kids of all ages.

  • M and E’s Excellent Adventures – fun adventure stories written by M and E. Youngsters will enjoy them because they are told from a kid’s perspective.
  • Grandpa Davey Speaks  – a thought-provoking and sometimes inspiring column by David.
  • Marlene’s This and That  – a collection of articles on family, homeschooling, and life.
  • Breaking Mews – from Wes’s viewpoint about life as a housebound tabby turned feline of the forest.
  • Glacier Country Blog – includes everything! From our everyday life to hiking, and wildlife adventures in Glacier National Park.

Thanks for stopping by! We’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy our adventures.

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