Not Shadow People

DeskToday I was going to tell the story of our encounters with the Shadow People. While reminiscing about the events, I realized that I must tell of the wonderful place they made their first appearances. While others slept, I was fortunate to inhabit a place of solitude where all things became possible.


Night was my element, my office was the place where I, as our slogan said, turned “Ideas Into Reality”. Doors locked, pistol on my hip, truck secure in the warehouse, sealed in my own domain, the solitude was broken only by those curious entities that inhabit the night. With no timetable and no distractions, the night allowed ideas to flow unimpeded.


In my private office, I sat in the cockpit surrounded by my ample workspace. Spread out before me were my notes, reference material, models, drawings and computer. My computer was the repository of previous work and my only link to the outside world.


The reference room contained stacks and boxes containing catalogs, technical references and trade journals collected over many years. I had collected information on many things of no known value to me. I mention this room because of the incredible incidence of it providing precisely the information needed for the project at hand. In many instances I found full technical reference and even price lists for components that had just been specified. It was as in “Answers”, the information was there because I would one day ask the question.


The rest of the office provided pacing space and was even connected to the machine shop in case I desired to make something.


This was a special place where one could ponder the project at hand or the universe in general. It was a nighttime world where all things became possible, concepts took on life and became real. This is where my present was (in remarkable detail) conceived.


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