Grandpa Davey

A collection of thought provoking and sometimes inspiring
articles by Grandpa Davey

The Golden Calf The real Americans understood the danger of granting citizenship and freedom to this wretched refuse…read more!

A Stop at Willoughby One hundred years ago, these folks built their own Willoughby…read more!

Can’t Capture It We can intrigue, inform, lure, excite, or invite with our stories, yet cannot pass on experiences from one to another….read more!

Two Types of Girls Throughout history, most cultures have agreed upon and understood the definition of marriage. Apparently twenty-first century America is not one of these…read more!

Reckless Abandon We threw caution to the wind and sought out a new life…read more!

Worst Case Scenario 
My knowledge of the place and its culture was so limited as to preclude any intelligent solution to the occupation problem….read more!

Crossing Texas 
Often seemingly insignificant decisions can have major influence on the course of our lives…read more!

Leave it to Beaver 
What I had seen as a child didn’t exist except in my view of the world…read more!

Where’s the Beef?
 I told him that one day he would be married and his new bride would prepare him a nice Choice steak to which he would respond, “This tastes like crap!”…read more!

In response he informed me, “They’re not like us.”…read more!

Invest in Yourself 
I discovered how perspective could influence ones more!

Sub Prime
Twenty-first century home buyers are for the most part a skittish lot…read more!

Locke Machines
 Staring at the puffy purple flesh of my swelling hand, I knew I must have broken every bone in the vicinity…read more!

Surrogates The surrogate system works for personal taxes also. Workers rarely have to pay taxes…read more!

Vaya Con Dios 
With their chances of survival essentially nil, I’m pretty sure the passengers and crew were preparing to meet their more!

 It is now ones duty to contract some fatal but highly treatable disease to boost the GNP…read more!

Killing Me Softly I recall the surreal scene of driving through wind blown sand coming from the beach while we both silently pondered the permanence of what we had just done…read more!

Corrections…I shall attempt to relate an incident where reality changed on a daily basis…read more!

TEOTWAWKIAs we face the threat of a global economic depression, I am reminded that we exist in a field of infinite possibilities…read more!

No Sense at All…At 17 I prepared to embark on, as only a teenager can experience, another boring night of excitement…read more!

Mother of all Storms
…with the approach of hurricane Gustav, I watched an interview that reminds me of the heart pounding thrills that Mother Nature provides free of charge…read more!

Lost in the Grand Canyon Trying to get my breathing under control, I referred to my mental map and calculated the worse case scenario…read more!

Ticket to Freedom
 Sixty years later, and after a life of many accomplishments, he still yearns for that missed opportunity….read more!

Poverty Point 
Sitting here pondering our lost past, I witness evidence of a dynamic planet that leaves little of the past more!

Queer Creatures All of our vast knowledge of the universe was gained from the cumulative work of nameless others over time…read more!

Mr. Wizard!
An important influence in my life was the 1960 cartoon Tooter Turtle…read more!

Shadow People As I entered a room, they exited silently, as if not wanting to be caught…read more!

Not Shadow People
 Doors locked, pistol on my hip, truck secure in the warehouse, sealed in my own domain, the solitude was broken only by those curious entities that inhabit the night…read more!

Answers Many are believers in chance coincidence, but I tell you that an answer comes because a question was asked…read more!

Golden Biscuits Newlywed and living in a triplex house, we were to experience two unexplainable events that remain as the first of many such occurrences throughout our married lives…read more!

Mind Over Temperature Upon meeting Bill, I just sensed a bad energy…read more!

Ewe To? What started out normal enough took a turn for the unexplainable more!

Mysterious Money
 Only as a group did they realize the illogic that the obvious next step was denied them… read more!

A Path with a Heart As a whole, we are a species futilely trying to insure ourselves against the unfortunate events that inevitably befall our innocent selves… read more!

The Cheapest Medicine Pausing for a while on this trail, I experienced, perhaps for the only time, silence…read more!

Squirt Gets Run Over A car suddenly sped up and apparently purposely hit Squirt…read more!