Cats Get the Blame for Bird Deaths

Why is it that if a feline is in the same vicinity of a dead bird, it almost always gets accused of murder? Don’t domesticated cats born and raised in the United States have rights like any other American? Aren’t we considered innocent until proven guilty? Or has that basic fundamental right changed somewhere along the line?


True, I occasionally like toying with feathered creatures and even torturing them. But in my defense, as a predator, I am only fulfilling my natural hunting and survival instincts.

These two unfortunate fowls obviously flew into a window. I wasn’t anywhere around when they died, but when the bodies were discovered I heard murmurings that I was probably the perp. It’s profiling to say the least and I understand why people do it (see my previous remark about being a predator), but give a guy the benefit of the doubt and look at all of the evidence before you pronounce his guilt.


colorful dead birds.Wessie.RMKK


At least when they found this dead birdie, they didn’t immediately blame me. I think the reason being he was found lying in the shrubs close to the big windows. Instead of colliding into the glass, he may have dropped dead of natural causes. Hummingbirds are constantly flapping their wings at up to 80 times a second. That’s enough to give anybody a heart attack! But why is one of his wings missing?




Birds collide with windows all of the time. They see reflections of trees, clouds, sky, – and think they are flying around their natural habitat, not knowing a plate of glass stands in their way. I know humans don’t like it when this happens, but unfortunately it does.

All I ask is that you give us cats a break and not automatically treat us like criminals because we may be near the scene of a fatal bird/window collision.

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