Little Spoiled Brats of Liberals?

SasquatchBobby’s vehement comments published to “Screaming Bigfoot?” are so thought-provoking, I couldn’t resist sharing them further. Not because his comments are original, we’ve heard similar before, but because I just can’t figure out why he thinks my daughters are “little spoiled Brats of Liberals”. Why not little spoiled brats of conservatives? Why not little spoiled brats, period?

There’s nothing political in the video (we’re seen hiking in snow in the middle of winter and encounter an avalanche). Therefore, I’m getting the vibe that there’s more on SasquatchBobby’s mind than bratty children spoofing Bigfoot. He’s obviously disgruntled about the state of affairs in this country and blames it on liberals.

He has every right to be upset about the decline of the United States, plenty of people are, including me, but I hope he doesn’t really think the problems in this country boil down to who is liberal and who is conservative. That’s taking such a shallow view of this whole mess we’re in.

Anybody that pays attention and has done even a cursory amount of research knows that the U.S. has been on a slippery slope of decline for many years. If we’re going to point fingers here, they would point to conservatives, liberals, and then some.

The problems we face as a nation run deeper than political parties or whether a person is a conservative or a liberal. However, I don’t care to discuss that at the moment, as I am still pondering why SasquatchBobby thinks liberals allow their children to throw crap all over their new walls. 

You can watch Screaming Bigfoot? here.


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