Record Wind at Logan Pass

Powerful winds at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park are usually nothing to crow about as harsh winds are common at higher elevations in the mountains. But on the morning of April 9, wind gusts set a record. In the early hours between  5 a.m. and 6 a.m., gusts clocked in at a phenomenal 139 mph. Winds of that speed are serious. We’re talking Category 4 storm – winds howling like a major hurricane – whipping like a  Hurricane Katrina. Being from the Louisiana Gulf Coast area, I can tell you, that is nothing to sneeze at! Damage at those speeds are catastrophic, but there wasn’t anything to worry about at Logan Pass.

The gust was strong, but lasted only about 20 seconds. The Visitor’s Center is still buried in snow at this time of year and the snow won’t be clear from the Going to the Sun Road for another 2 months. No one was up at the pass, and I have no doubt that the wildlife are pros at hunkering down in a hostile environment that produces wicked winds and bitter cold.

To get a taste of what the wind is like at Logan Pass, watch our short video from July of 2011. And if you’ll be visiting the park anytime soon, hang on to your hat.

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