Ursa Americanus Appears in the Yard

No sooner had Mallory come inside from cleaning up the garage when she spotted a large dark animal on the lawn. Processing that it was not a deer, she announced that there was a bear in our yard. I glanced out of the window, and saw the bear standing under a tree approximately 15 feet away from our living room window.


Bear on lawn


Here’s what Mallory had to say on facebook about the encounter.

Shortly after we came back indoors, this Ursa Americanus appeared in the yard where we’d stood less than five minutes prior. The bear stood up on his hind legs to reach a higher branch to nibble on. How long do you think he was lurking in the forest, waiting for the people to leave and let him have a snack alone?

This was the first time that any of us had seen a bear stand on its hind legs. And it was awesome!

The girls and I got our cameras and observed the bear from the living room window. The entire episode was over in a matter of minutes with the bear lumbering over the hillside back into the woods.


Bear on lawn.leaving


Bears have become part of our life living on the edge of the wilderness, and we have become accustomed to the fact that they may be, at any time, passing through the woods. Except for a couple of exceptions, rarely do we see them except on trail cam.

This afternoon’s bear encounter was a privilege.

Everywhere you look, life’s an adventure!

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