Me in my lounge pants and Muk Luks.

3 Reasons My Truck is Cranky

I was a bit surprised when David said, “I thought you’d have your coat on by now.”

He had offered to start the Suburban  for me. I thought it a very nice gesture as it was a frigid morning, around zero.

“I’m in my pajamas”, I responded. I was in my Muk Luks and my cushy red flannels with the cute little penguins on them.

Me in my lounge pants and Muk Luks.

Me in my lounge pants and Muk Luks.

“I go out and start my truck in my fleece pants all the time”, he said.

There was no time to put on my clothes. I got the message and grabbed my coat.  It was still dark when we went outside.  I was hoping no one would see me. 😀

This is how my alley looks at around 10:30 in the morning.

This is how my alley looks at around 10:30 in the morning.



The truck’s battery seems a bit weak, and it hasn’t been liking the cold. Those are icicles hanging from the grill.





When it was all over, my hands were burning so bad, (much worse than when I’m squishing ground meat for meat loaf), that I had to go inside and run warm water over them. I then realized my tootsies were warm, thanks to my Muk Luks.

Here’s 3 Reasons My Truck May Be Cranky in Winter:

  1. Gasoline – When temperatures get really cold in winter, gasoline doesn’t evaporate as quickly. Due to slower evaporation, it makes the gasoline harder to burn. Gasoline must be vaporized to burn. Sometimes people spray ether into their engines in cold weather to help it get started because ether evaporates better than gasoline in cold weather.


  • Oil gets thicker in cold weather – Motor oil gets thicker in winter, just as chocolate syrup gets thicker in the refrigerator. When you try to start an engine in winter, it has to push around thick, gooey oil making it harder for the engine to spin.


  • Batteries have problems in cold weather – Batteries are full of chemicals that produce electrons. When it is very cold, fewer electrons are produced. The starter motor has less energy to work with when trying to start making it more difficult to crank.


Happy Winter! Enjoy it while you can, spring is only 50 days away!


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