Remembering an Outdoorzy Kind of Halloween

The leaves have turned yellow, and the street sweeper comes by everyday to vacuum up the leaves. My winter coat is beginning to grow in, and I spend my days sleeping in front of the space heater. Halloween is a only a few days away.

The annoying human dressed me up as a witch so that she could post pictures of me on her Make Your Cat a Halloween Costume “lens”.  I look ridiculous and found it quite embarrassing. Cats are not meant to be dressed up!


Don't laugh or I'll scratch your eyes out.



I remember two years ago on Halloween, when I was a free cat roaming the outdoors, I didn’t have to pose in silly costumes.

Anyway, on Halloween night I was visited by my two friends at the time. The reason they wanted to stay with me was because they were both black cats. We’ve all heard stories about black cats being sacrificed in satanic rituals on Halloween, so my friends were scared. Even though we didn’t expect anything like that to happen around here, us cats still needed to be careful.

The air was cool and crisp, with the faint scent of burning leaves riding on the wind. I could hear the sound of laughing trick or treaters, but as the night grew colder, they went home to bed. Usually I didn’t completely get along with my friends, but that night we didn’t get into any “cat fights”. We were afraid someone would hear cats yowling and come to torture us. Even one of my enemies- a mostly black cat who liked to picks fights, came into my yard and joined us.




We huddled together in silence until we realized that nothing was coming to get us. I was finally brave enough to speak. After the silence was broken, we told one another scary stories until dawn, when our inspiration ran out. We all parted ways, as our owners expected us to return home. I ran home and was welcomed into the warm house. I wish I could still hear the rustling of leaves under my paws… those were the days.

I bet this Halloween all I’m going to do is sleep all day. At least it’s warm inside!

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