Are Glaciers Like the Circle of Poo?

Well, it just goes to show you that “What Goes Around, Comes Around”.

Last summer we stopped to listen to a ranger talk at Logan Pass. The nice ranger was speaking to tourists about climate change, which I consider newspeak for global warming, and spouting the standard rhetoric about shrinking glaciers.

David listens to the ranger.


Don’t get me wrong, I think rangers in the National Parks do a bang up job – why – just recently one of them got on the telephone for us, and called around to different people in the park to help us in our quest to locate the elusive hose tower.

But let’s face it – rangers are employed by the Federal Government and whatever the political agenda is at any given time, it is going to be fed to the public.

As I was saying, we stopped to listen to the ranger a minute or two before hiking out on the Highline Trail. By the look on their face, the gathering of tourists were either bored or totally absorbed in the ranger’s speech.

Right after the ranger got to the part about Glacier’s glaciers rapidly disappearing, David piped up and said, “Not anymore.”

The ranger smiled knowingly, as he must have surmised he was speaking to a local who knew something about Glacier National Park and western Montana. He then looked to the crowd and said something like – he’s talking about the very good snowpack we had this past winter.  He then looked back at David and answered – yes, I suppose that could be possible (about glaciers growing and not shrinking).

Now, lo and behold, a study has been published by scientists who monitor the effects of global warming on glaciers around the world . They state that glaciers are shrinking all over, but there seems to be an exception in the Rocky Mountains.


Snow has already been piling up this season in the high country, and besides that, not all of the snow from last season has melted.

Scientists are saying that the glaciers are growing!

Well, what do ya know?

It’s kind of like the cycle of poo.



And just for the record. Don’t plan a trip to Glacier National Park expecting to see glaciers….go to Alaska for that.

Glacier is not about glaciers, but of the magnificent landscape that was carved by glaciers during the last ice age, leaving spectacular glaciated valleys surrounded by steep cliffs.

The glaciers that exist in the park are just an added bonus, I think.

For more on the study, click here.

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