What’s in the Tub?

I was asking for a meal one night when I was coerced in to taking this picture.

Me looking into the tub


At first I couldn’t figure out why my adopted grandmom had put a dab of food on the tub instead of in my food dish. As I was famished, and am not a complainer, I simply stood up and licked the blob off of the top of the tub.

That’s when I heard my adopted grandmom behind me fooling around with her camera. I didn’t say anything, but she can be quite annoying sometimes always wanting to take my picture.

Afterwards, she seemed pleased and served me a nice bowl of turkey and gravy for dinner.

Honestly, I think the picture came out purrty okay. You can’t even see the food bribe . It just looks like I’m curious about what’s in the tub.



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