The Tipi

A tipi (also tepee and teepee) is a Lakota name for a conical tent traditionally made of animal skins and wooden poles used by the nomadic tribes and sedentary tribal dwellers (when hunting) of the Great Plains.Wikipedia

It was indescribably beautiful at last weekend’s Mountain Man Rendezvous in Eureka, Montana. Tipis dotted the vast landscape and are the feature of today’s post along with inspirational Lakota sayings. More on the Black Powder Shoot in my next article.



“A man’s life is a circle from childhood to childhood, and thus it is in everything where the power moves.”  – Black Elk


Knowledge is rooted in all things – the world is a library – Lakota Proverb


Creation is continuous – Lakota Proverb



“The center of the universe is everywhere.” Black Elk


Touching the earth equates to harmony with nature. – Lakota Proverb



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