Does Our Consciousness Shape Reality?

Contemplate the notion that with every thought you are creating your future. This has sometimes been a scary  thought for me because I am not always thinking about sugar and spice and everything nice. When you become aware that your thoughts become your reality, you realize the great responsibility that comes with this knowledge. There is no one to blame for your circumstances except yourself.

If you are a regular reader of this site, then you know that I have approached this subject in articles such as You Get What You Expect, A Strong Desire for Skates, and Believing is Seeing.

It was a magical feeling when 7 1/2 years ago we moved from New Orleans into a 100-year-old house on the historic east side of Kalispell, Montana. Located in a real life Willoughby, the house was in small town neighborhood within walking distance to Main Street. The address was 1127, (the date my husband and I had met), it had a porch swing (something I had always desired), a picket fence, and it was painted a shade of pale yellow (similar to the color of homes that I had seen on a favorite TV show called Millenium, which was set in the Pacific Northwest). These were all things I had thought about and/or daydreamed of at some point in my life.


The Little House in Kalispell


Feeling very much in the flow when we arrived in Kalispell, David and I felt everything was going our way. As described above, the house had all of the obvious signs to tell me that I had manifested a little house in Kalispell. We decided to take it.

It was a wonderful life living in that little house and also living in a small town, but after 6 years it was time to move on. Throughout our married life, 6 and multiples of 6 have always been moving years. David and I are both very well aware of this trend and because of that I have always gotten antsy at the 6 year mark of living anywhere. After 6 years in Kalispell, I began thinking about moving and wondering what circumstances would bring it about.

It took another year and a half before we moved and at some point during that time I decided to make a vision board. Not because I was trying to manifest a particular house to move into, but because I thought it a good way to help me visualize my dreams of all kinds. I cut out a picture of what I considered a Montana dream home and put it atop a sill in the kitchen where I would constantly see it – above the sink where I spent an unimaginable amount of time doing dishes because I didn’t have a dishwasher (except for my daughters who took turns doing the daily grind). I intended to add additional pictures of my wants and desires and paste them to a piece of poster board. I didn’t complete my vision board, but the picture of a log home with big windows remained on the sill above the sink up until the day we moved.

This is the picture I cut-out.


This is the picture I cut out of a magazine for my vision board.


It turned out that there were no particular reasons that would require our moving; just the desire to do so.

Now for the part about manifesting one’s dreams. The home my family and I have moved into looks very similar to the picture I had cut-out for my vision board; so much so that it would be thoughtless of me not to notice and recognize the power of the mind at work. With the help of my husband who had a desire 7 years ago to move into the wooded area in which we now live, I truly believe this little cabin in the snowy woods is the manifestation of our dreams.

Numerous events in my life have come to pass after I have put my attention on them giving evidence that my  thoughts are creating my future. Therefore, one must seriously consider that consciousness shapes reality – if there is such a thing as reality.


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