The Year Santa Had a Rubber Beard

A childhood memory of long ago,
Of the jolly ol’ elf,
Who says “Ho, ho, ho!”

A vision so vivid,
It’s still in my mind.

Of a Santa so different,
Like no other kind.

Mom and Dad and Brother and me,
Off to Grandmother’s house to see,

There we were,
dressed to the nines.

Everyone happy,
and feeling just fine.

Aunts and uncles and cousins were there,
Waiting for Santa so they could get their share.

Laughter and joy,
And squabbling too,

It was festive and lively,
Nothing else would do.

Waiting for Santa,
And his jingling bell.

When would he come,
Nobody would tell.

I heard him outside,
Please somebody look,

No doubt it was him,
I could not have mistook.

Someone opened the door,
And in came the man,

That brought presents to children,
All across the land.

With a sack full of toys,
He would give us much joy.

As he sat in a chair,
With lots of fanfare.

He was finally here,
To spread his good cheer.

But something was wrong,
It could not be.

Did anyone notice,
Or was it just me?

I stared in awe,
at his multicolored beard.

It looked like a rainbow,
Something was weird.

It wasn’t fuzzy,
But rubber-like too.

But from the looks of others,
I was the only one that knew.

No one seemed to notice,
No one seemed to care,

That Santa had arrived,
And he didn’t have white hair.

How could this happen,
How could it be?

Santa had a rubber beard,
And nobody noticed but me.


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