Black Friday

Black Friday Ads

Thanksgiving was great!  It snowed all day, the turkey was moist and juicy, and we Skyped with family and friends.   Our army pal shared some hilarious quips, I’ll call “humor in uniform”,  concerning perspectives people have about Montana.  Last night, we watched one of my all time favorite holiday classic movies, “The Bishop’s Wife”.

This morning, M and E headed off to the mall for some deals!  But not me.

Click over to the website for my FIVE REASONS never to shop on the busiest day of the year.  And when you’re done, come back here and let me know if you like to shop till you drop.

After being bombarded with an After Thanksgiving Day sales blitz, I began visualizing my neighbors bundling up in 20 degree weather to hit the malls at 4 a.m…read more!

Happy Shopping!

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