Did RMKK Make a Difference?

M gets refreshed by the waterfall on the Grinnell Glacier trail.


By M

Before Rocky Mountain Kids Korner went online, Glacier National Park was essentially a retired baby boomer paradise. It was unlikely to see people under 45, and even more unlikely to see a child. On the trails, we saw numerous 50+ patrons of the park, but we seldom saw young adults and kids! We pondered the reason for this, and although I would rather solve a page of long division problems than hike, it seems odd that no kids were at the park. Wouldn’t parents bring their kids to the park? Why did child-bearing age people not come to the park? Years passed and this oddity remained each summer as we hiked the spectacular trails of Glacier. During this summer, we observed a significant increase of kids and teens on the trails. This was especially noticable on the Grinnell Glacier trail-almost everyone we passed was with a kid or several kids! As we approached the drenching waterfall along the trail, we heard kids yelling as they enjoyed a refreshing shower. It was a reassuring thing to know I was not the only kid who hiked. What was different about the summer of ’07 and the summer of ’08? We’re hoping it’s because people read our website and it has provoked parents to bring their young ones hiking with them.
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