Fate or Expectation?

As my daughter looked through childhood memorabilia for a Mardi Gras tiara, she came across a 2004 Colorado newspaper with an article about a 4-H team of shooters who were attending a National Junior Olympic air rifle championship. She brought the article to me saying that little did we know, when we saved the paper, that one day she and her sister would be 4-H precision shooters.

Or did we?

Two things I wished for a long time while living in Louisiana was that my youngest daughters grow up in Montana and learn how to shoot well. Those wishes have come to pass as we now live in Montana and both of my girls are proficient shooters.

This brings me to a story about what some may call fate.

Several years ago a brave woman rescued a young boy from the raging waters of McDonald Creek. She watched from the shoreline as he was swept away in the torrential waters and without hesitation jumped in to rescue him. The woman saved the boy from certain death.

What is notable, and somewhat bizarre, is that she said that she had thought about the episode over and over, perhaps thousands of times before it ever occurred. She said that each time that she had visited McDonald Creek, which can be treacherous in spring, she envisioned an accident and that she would save someone from drowning.

Was it fate, the force or principle believed to predetermine events, or was it expectation, a confident belief that a particular event will happen, that brought her vision to fruition?

I believe the mental image she repeatedly projected in her mind was like a rehearsal for a play that would eventually be performed.

Many of my desires have come to pass, as in my wish for my girls to be skilled shooters. And with each desire I have held a vision, a mental plan so to speak.

Much the same as my daughters do before they pull the trigger.


Mallory and Eileen take aim




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