Halloween Blues

I’m feeling rather introspective today. How could I not? Halloween is one of the most dreaded holidays of all for cats. Especially black ones. It’s a shame, but there are pea brains in this world that must have no conscience, because I’ve heard horror stories about humans that do harm to black cats.


Thinking about Taz and Despurraux


For some reason, human animals are superstitious. They don’t realize how friendly black cats can be. Take it from me, black cats are some of the nicest cats you ever want to meet. I know. Because before we moved, I hung out with two of the coolest cats; the strays Taz and Despurraux. They were always nice to me, and I can be difficult to get to know.



I can’t help but think about them today. But I’m sure they are safe, because a nice lady adopted them right before we moved.

At the risk of sounding like a pansy, I want to say “Taz, Despurraux, if you’re reading this, I miss you guys.”




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