Happy Trails, Mr. Nerison


David, the girls, and I were out for an evening stroll when we passed a man with bandages wrapped around his leg. Of course I noticed, as it will be 4 weeks tomorrow that I sprained my ankle.


Going in opposite directions, we exchanged greetings and kept walking. His face was familiar, but it wasn’t until M told me who it was that I realized we had passed Mr. Nerison, the man that was attacked by a grizzly on the Lake McDonald Valley Trail in Glacier National Park on June 7th. Wanting to meet the man I had blogged about, I turned around, and called to him.


After introducing myself and telling him of the scolding comment I had received about my post, he spoke to us for awhile. He was very polite and gave us an account of his ordeal. I felt like paparazzi as M snapped photos of him.


He looked great and his recovery is coming right along. It was good to meet him and it turns out he lives just a few blocks away. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he’ll be hitting the trails again soon!

Follow the link below for the full article and comment:

Mr. Nerison was out for a walk with his dog. He has had several surgeries to repair his damaged leg since the attack on June 7, 2009. At this time, he said that preventing infection of the injury is the major concern. He encourages everyone to be bear aware when entering bear country.