Happy Valentine’s Day

Marlene and David sitting on a hill in the Mission Valley.

When I was sixteen I received a box of a dozen long stem roses. It was Valentine’s Day and I was sitting in class when a voice came over the intercom telling the teacher that I should pack up my belongings and go to the office to check out. My mom had called and I would be going home for the rest of the day, which sounded good to me.

Although I didn’t know the reason, no foreboding thought entered my head at all. I gave a satisfied smile to my friends, left the classroom, and headed home.

A look of excitement was on my mom’s face when I entered the house. She pointed to the table and to a long ivory colored box with a big scarlet ribbon. At the moment I opened that box, I felt like a princess in a fairytale.


A florist had delivered elegantly wrapped roses just for me. They were the most beautiful red roses I had ever seen in my life. The card simply said, “Love, David”.


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the airwaves are filled with warnings directed at men about what to get their sweethearts. Surprise her with this, don’t buy her that, and whatever you do don’t be cheap. And heaven help you if you forget the day entirely.


If I were a man arriving from Mars, I would fear something awful would happen if I didn’t buy a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, or a cuddly teddy bear for my beloved.


If I were a woman arriving from Venus I would be filled with eager anticipation, but not all that concerned about what to get my man.


The true gift of giving is a precious thing. It is a gift from the heart without expecting something in return. It’s not given out of obligation, doesn’t always come in a box, and doesn’t require a holiday.


My husband told me a story the other day about a young man who had the impression that men disliked their wives. He said that he thought this until he met my husband and found out otherwise.


This story scored lots of points with me and was music to my ears. According to my husband, all he’s ever wanted is to be near me. How sweet is that!


I know I won’t be receiving any bouquets or candies this Valentine’s Day but I’ve been given the gift of love and that’s worth more than all the chocolates in the world.

© 02/11/10