How Did They Build the Boardwalks?

I thought it was a reasonable question when E asked, “How did they build the boardwalks?”

Boardwalks, the foremost means of seeing the sights in Yellowstone.

We were walking around on the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest super volcano on the continent. Let me correct myself, we were not actually walking on the crust but on the boardwalks. You’re not allowed to go off of the boardwalks when visiting geyser basins, fumaroles, hot pools, and bubbling mud pots.

A bubbling geyser in the lower basin.
A fumarole.  A hot spot in the ground.
Crystal blue hot pools.
Bubbling paint pots.

It is also encouraged that you do not inhale the poisonous steam. How do you do that? It keeps blowing in my face?

The steamy smell of rotten eggs.

And whatever you do, don’t touch the bacteria and rub your face. It’s quite toxic and may prove to be deadly.

Bacteria can be pretty.

Joking aside, these rules are enforced not only to protect the public but to preserve one of our country’s national treasures.  But how did they build those boardwalks?

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