I Lost a Ruby in Pecos, Texas

As Pecos, Texas swelters in record breaking 100 degree heat, I am reminded of my ruby and diamond ring.

In the fall of 1999, David, the girls, and I were traveling back home to Louisiana after one of our jaunts out west to look for a new home.

Leaving New Mexico, we crossed the border into the Lone Star State. A feeling of discontentment came over me as it often did when returning home to Louisiana in those days. I no longer wanted to live in Metairie and crossing Texas symbolized that I hadn‘t fulfilled my dream of moving west.

New Mexico had been cold and I was wearing a pull over sweater and a pair of jeans when we pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot in Pecos. Everything changed when we entered Texas. It was warm and culturally different from the places I had just visited.

We had stopped at Wal-Mart because David had wanted some Dr. Pepper. He dropped me off in the loading zone, which come to think of it is rather odd. He very rarely waits in the vehicle while I run into a store and usually insists on going in with me.

I remember snagging my ring on my sweater when I got out of the truck and went inside. It wasn‘t until I returned that I realized I was missing a stone from my ring. I was sorely disappointed.

David has given me six pieces of jewelry in all the years that I’ve known him. He has excellent taste and I cherish all of the pieces. But this ring was special. It had a brilliance like no other.

I searched my clothing and the truck for the ruby, but with no luck. I know it’s silly, but I suppose I’ve always held Pecos, Texas responsible for my misfortune.

I have a habit of judging towns by what kind of cars I see in the shopping center parking lots. This may be an illogical way to size things up, like judging a book by its cover, but I’ve been doing it this way for years. I’m a sensitive person and in general can feel my surroundings.

So although it may sound irrational, I didn’t like Pecos, Texas. It just seemed like a $#!t hole of a town to me.

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