I’ve Got Kitty Pimples

I’ve been busy….busy looking out the window. Too busy to even think about touching the computer.

You know, computers take time away from the family… these days all people are thinking about is what to put on their Facebook statuses.

Anyways, I decided to have some quality time and actually take a nap on my adopted “mother’s” lap while she read.  Usually I can’t stand sitting on people’s laps, but luckily she had a fuzzy robe on and I wanted to be nice.

The only other news I have is that my acne has gotten worse.  I know, I know, in human years I’m in my early twenties.  I really shouldn’t be having the trademark pimples of teenhood.

Unfortunately that just isn’t the case with me.

My zit


For a while now I’ve been having small black specks where my follicles are getting clogged with black sebaceous material.  Luckily they are mostly disguised by my chin fur.  One of my pimples got larger a couple days ago, got pink and bled a bit.  While cleaning it off with a bit of peroxide (a common treatment for feline acne) my adopted mother noticed that there was pus on it.

If only I could steal some of that ZapZyt from the human’s cabinet, then I would be totally pimple free!

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