Forest Adopts our Family

I’ve been busy working as a model for a company that makes cat-walking harnesses. I am on call to do remote shoots and videos at various outdoor locations. When I am not working, I like to sleep or prowl around the yard, not blog. That’s part of the reason why my column has gotten behind. But, when I heard that June was adopt-a-cat month, I knew I had to break this mews.

One day out of the blue, last month, in the month of June, there was a brownish-black tabby that appeared out of the woods. My adopted family and I were not sure if she lived nearby, and had just come for a short visit, or if she was a free-spirited feline of the forest.




She is a skittish girl and doesn’t like my advances. I approach her cautiously, trying to get a whiff, but she responds like a meanie cat with claws, swipes, and hisses. I suppose that’s understandable. She is extremely wary, and needs to be, as she lives a life on the edge of the wilderness with lots of other animals.


Wes and Forest


She’s been hanging around and has become more and more comfortable with my advances. Occasionally, we spend afternoons together, with me, trying to get better acquainted. Our meetings are rather reserved, but much more relaxed than at first. When she doesn’t want to be bothered, she brushes me off and goes back to the woods, or scampers up the nearest tree.


Wes and Forest.ll


She brings rodents to the patio, lounges in the bone barrel, and lives in the chicken coop. Everyone likes her and has named her Forest.




It seems she has adopted our family and that’s okay with me…I think…




So what’s to say that people have to adopt cats, when cats can adopt people.

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