Junk Art in Missoula

Junk art warrior as seen in Missoula, Montana


Creating junk art is a popular way of recycling trash. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The creations are quite unique and can vary from the simple recycling of a coffee can into an artsy planter to an elaborate sculpture made out of metal from the junkyard. Junk art adds interest to backyard gardens and can turn a boring room from drab to pizzazz. Finding trash is easy. Just look around. It’s everywhere!

  • Litter from the street
  • Scrap from junkyards
  • Odds and ends from around the garage or under the sink

Just keep your eyes peeled when you’re passing the dump. Montanans are very good at this. Wages here are so bad; one way to affordably accessorize the house is to dumpster dive. But I digress.

Junk art is truly an expressive art form. In the case of this metal warrior that I saw in Missoula, not only did the collection of this junk clean up the reservation, it was turned into this extraordinary work of art.


Junk made beautiful in Missoula, Montana


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