Just Call Me Nobody!

I don’t regularly tune-in to the national news, nor am I a regular viewer of Oprah.

But when I discovered yesterday that Oprah’s show was going to be The 20 Years Younger Challenge, I was intrigued. After finishing Sweet Mom’s story time, I planned to tune in to the show. However, a few minutes before 4, Mallory called and asked me to log into Squidoo and publish her hiking lens.  She was participating in a Jenga Challenge which had a deadline and had left the house without publishing her article. She wouldn’t return in time to meet the deadline and called to ask if I would publish it for her.

After clicking PUBLISH,  I tuned in to Oprah to see what the experts had to say about anti-aging. Nothing new or extraordinary was discussed that I hadn’t heard before, although some of the results were quite amazing and also inspirational.

Basically, it was a reminder that:

  • Diet – whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lentils, and nuts
  • Exercise – 30 minutes a day of cardio and weight training
  • Sleep – 7 to 9 hours per day
  • Skin – Care for it throughout your life and don’t overexpose it to the sun

…go a long way to helping one stay young.

The show was a source of encouragement in the exercise department as I am more determined to become proficient in biking uphill. It will be tough work, but my heart will get a good work-out and I will increase my endurance.The benefit will be a fit and younger body. Both M and E said that I look better than the participants in The 20 Years Younger Challenge. Boy, was that music to my ears!

After Oprah, the national news came on. As I said, I rarely watch it because the national news and main stream media lack in thorough reporting, not to mention their biased representation of the so-called news. On top of that, TV news has too many prescription drug advertisements and other family unfriendly commercials I don’t care to see.

As I prepared dinner, I was mostly listening instead of watching. It became apparent that the top news of the day was the Royal Wedding. My ears perked up when I heard a person being interviewed state that nobody living in the modern world would care that Kate and William had lived together before marriage.

Well, just call me Nobody!

This is the second time I’ve heard this and I feel as though they are telling me I am not supposed to have an opinion on the subject. The truth of the matter is I do. I realize it’s none of my business if Kate is a shack up honey or that William has been getting the milk for free. But what I think is my business, and also what I resent, is a society, and particularly the media, that increasingly promote promiscuity to my kids and grandkids. Movies, newspapers, TV shows…all portray it’s okay to sleep around and that everybody does it.

Well, I disagree. I don’t think it’s okay. And I think we were better off as a society when the news didn’t publicize philandering as an everyday, okay thing.

Obviously, the argument that co-habitation before marriage is a means of finding out compatibility just doesn’t wash. Many of those that live together and then go through with a wedding ceremony end up in divorce court anyways.

For now, that’s all I have to say about that. What do you have to say about all of this?



Update 7-23-13

Since this article was first written in April of 2011, the Royal Couple, William and Kate have had a baby. They are presently celebrating the birth of their newborn son, who will be known as the Prince of Cambridge.

In addition, my family has ditched the television set and now stays informed through various news sources from around the internet.

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