Garden, Bison Range, Avalanche Lake

May in Review – Community Garden, Bison Range, and Black Powder Shoot

When I first looked at the month of May, I thought it rather uneventful. On second look, I realized just how special it was. We started preparing our plot at the Community Garden and planted some tomato plants, even though I thought it still a bit too early. A late spring snowfall blanketed the garden on May 23rd, but no worries, we had covered the tomatoes and reaped a bountiful harvest later in the fall.


There are a couple of outings that have become traditions for us in May with a visit to the National Bison Range being one of them. The landscape is quintessential Montana and the views of the Mission Range are breathtaking. Each year, the experience has been different. This year I showed off my flexibility on the Bitterroot Trail.

We also took our annual hike to Avalanche Lake. It’s the only major trail in Glacier Park that’s accessible in spring, and May is the best month to visit the lake to hear and see avalanches.


David and I spent our 40th anniversary at a black powder shoot where we enjoyed the company of grizzled mountain men, and ladies, dressed in 1800’s trapper attire.


Also notable for the month of May; I had my first taste of wild turkey. Jake was a little chewy, but we appreciated him just the same. A dream catcher that I fashioned out of some of his feathers is hanging on the wall near our staircase.


Garden, Bison Range, Avalanche Lake

Garden, Bison Range, Avalanche Lake


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