Montana Musicians Cash in on Folgers Coffee Jingle

“The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.“ Well, not for me. I’m a coffee and chicory kind of gal, Community New Orleans Blend that is. But that doesn’t make me any less impressed with 2008 Flathead High School graduates Ethan Thompson and Jenny Snipstead. Now college students, Thompson and Snipstead along with University of Montana students Landon Lee of Conrad and Dan Coburn of Ashland, Oregon are the grand prize winners of the Folgers Coffee Jingle Contest. The musicians performed their jingle last Friday in New York City before a panel of judges on the Good Morning America show.

The group cleverly featured a maraca style coffee can in the video. Judge Kara DioGuardi, songwriter and a judge for the popular TV program “American Idol” said, “The Folgers shaker is genius.” Evidently, the other judges concurred and the musicians walked away with the grand prize check of $25,000.

“The best compliment I can give to somebody is to say, ’I want to hear it again‘” said DioGuardi after the musicians performed their song that was broadcast on a giant screen outside the Good Morning America studios in Times Square. Besides the cash prize, hopefully the musicians will hear their song turned into a Folgers coffee commercial.

I’ve written at least two other articles about coffee. One is titled “Coffee Perks” that I wrote for my This and That column. It connects an afternoon at the outdoor archery range to a lesson about chicory. The other is on this blog.  Mail Bags Lost in the Wilderness starts off with me being glad that my standard order of coffee comes via UPS and not from the United States Post Office. I hope you find them both informative and entertaining.

I’ll leave you with this Youtube video of the jingle and the official web address of the Folgers Coffee Jingle Contest. The tune is really catchy. So much so that I’ve enjoyed watching it multiple times. It is a winner!

If you have any great coffee brewing tips, recommendations on blends or brands, I’d love to hear about them.

And Buffy, nice looking bike. Just don’t do what I did recently and crash into a wooden railing.

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