Montana’s "Bubba Burger" Wins National Contest


James Monroe has put the small town of Eureka, Montana on the map with his “Bubba Burger” creation. His burger has won honors as the best burger in the “Ultimate Hometown Grill Off”. On Friday, Monroe will be preparing his mesquite-fired patty with spicy Cajun sausage, jumbo shrimp, chipotle sauce, and cheddar cheese on ABC’s “Live! with Regis and Kelly”.

He says his burger has simple origins. “I had some leftover food one night and I hadn’t eaten all day”, Monroe said, “I just put it together to chow it down real quick. ” I said, “That’s pretty good and tried it again another day.” He finally put it on the menu at his restaurant “The Cutting Board”. It became a hit with the locals, and so much so, that it was nominated for the Ultimate Hometown Grill Off.

I’ve been pretty hard with my opinion of Montana food, but I tell you, this concoction sounds pretty good! The next time I’m in Eureka (the last time I was there was in 2005 for the annual quilt show) I believe I’ll suggest we stop by The Cutting Board for a “Bubba Burger”. Good luck on Friday, Mr. Monroe. It sounds like your succulent burger is a winner!

I do have another burger suggestion for you. If you’re ever on the Sun Rd. and getting pretty hungry, try the buffalo burgers at the Two Dog Flats restaurant. Spendy yes, but delicious!

Will you be grilling or having a barbecue (did you know that barbecue is evidently a Southern term?) for the 4th? Share your favorite burger recipe and post it below!

Eureka Quilt Show – August 2005

Happy 4th of July!

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