Movies, Blockbuster, and The Shining

by Marlene

I love movies and I remember when cable networks like HBO and Spotlight aired movies 24 hours a day completely commercial free. Not only did I enjoy hours of watching new releases, but lots of other little gems were to be found in independent films and shorts. Cable movie networks played movies exclusively, no made for network shows like The Sopranos. Late night movies introduced me to cult classics like Mad Max, Reanimator, and Motel Hell. Those days are long gone and David and I got so tired of paying for inferior programming and commercials, they started sneaking in, that we cancelled cable a number of years ago.

Of course I still enjoy a good movie and have been watching them for free on the internet. My witty husband has been claiming how Blockbuster is going to go out of business because we haven’t been renting movies from them in about 9 months. Lo and behold, a couple of days ago, Blockbuster is in the news claiming that business has fallen off to competitors like Netflix and online websites such as HULU. They aren’t filing for bankruptcy, at least not yet, and are exploring other restructuring options. Boy, the times they are a changin‘. Truth of the matter is, we are the type that look around Blockbuster for an hour, then leave with nothing because they don’t have anything we want to see.

I’ve always been intrigued by movies filmed in my home state. Isn’t everyone? My home used to be Louisiana and it was fun watching movies where directors would make us look like a bunch of crackers with Southern drawls. When I became mesmerized by the West, movies of Montana and Rocky Mountain scenery strengthened my desire to move. Here is a link to a list of movies filmed in Montana and a video of the famous intro to the “Shining” filmed in Glacier.

Do you have a favorite movie filmed in your hometown? Do you have a favorite movie filmed in Montana? I’d love to hear from you!

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