Sniffing Around

The nose knows


The past few days have been so cold and wet that I haven’t gotten much time to explore my new yard at all. However, the sun came out yesterday and I was happy to take a walk around my new territory. First I walked down the hill to check out the pile of logs that the humans had been cutting up for fuel to heat their home. The last time I visited the pile, the humans turned on a noisy chainsaw and I ran back up the hill to explore elsewhere. I’m happy to say that the wood looked sufficient, and I’m sure it will put off wonderful heat when burned.

I decided to continue down a path through the woods. There were a lot of bushes to hide in and trees to climb. Unfortunately one of the humans called me back up towards the house, but I knew that I would have more new places to explore nearer to home. This time I went behind the house, in the area where my adopted “mommy” was splitting wood. I was sure to stay far away enough from her so that no stray wood chips would hit me.

I discovered a couple of dog houses, which I promptly sniffed at. I could smell dog- one of the filthy creatures probably spent a lot of time in the little house. It didn’t much matter to me, though, as the scent was obviously old and any dog that may have lived there was long gone. I decided to make myself at home, as the walls were insulated and I could use the warmth.

Soon, adventure called my name once again. My human that had been splitting wood was now finished and started walking into the woods. I jumped up and began to follow. She walked for a little while before ascending a ladder made of logs into a tree stand. I was content to wait on the ground instead of attempting to climb up the slippery “rungs” myself.

It wasn’t long before she and her sister came down and walked with me back to the garage, where I reluctantly went back inside. I knew that I would be able to have another adventure tomorrow.



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