Glacier International Airport

Not About Michael Jackson


Okay, I told you this post wasn’t going to be about Michael Jackson, and I intend to keep my word. Just because he’s the most popular search on the internet today and his televised memorial has occupied all of the major TV stations doesn’t mean I have to participate and write about him on this blog. I will talk about the weather!

It’s a comfortable 73 degrees today and I sit here blogging with the windows open. There’s a nice breeze blowing and birds are chirping in the background. The record high for today was 102 degrees set on this day in 2007. What’s so important about that? It was the year my parents and brother came to visit Montana. Their arrival wouldn’t be until July 12 and I was praying the heat wave would go away. It didn’t, and it was persistent throughout their visit. Air conditioning is not a given here and the lack of it added to the discomfort.

Everywhere we went, people apologized for the weather saying, “It usually isn’t like this”. After their departure, the heat continued throughout the weekend and we took a hike to the summit of Mount Aeneas. Shortly thereafter, normal temperatures returned and we experienced fire season .

Well, so much for the unpredictable weather here. We’ve had snow in June and thaws in December. At least the weather in Montana isn’t boring!


Glacier International Airport

Picking up my mom, dad, and brother at the airport in 2007.