November in Review – Hunting, Making Soap, and Ice Skating

November was pretty exciting!


David shot a deer and we processed the meat ourselves. That was a long day. It was snowing, and by the end of the day I was disgusted by the smell of blood and raw meat. It was worth it, though; Buck is delicious. Served with our organic veggies, who can complain.


What’s most noteworthy, however, is that a bear came by and stole Buck’s head and hide! Right from our patio! We found the hide at the base of a tree across the road, but the head is still out there somewhere. I keep thinking we should make some muzzleloading blanket prizes with the deer hide. That would be cool and authentic.


Not wanting anything to go to waste, Mallory, Eileen, and I made soap out of the deer tallow. Now I can say I know how to make lye soap. If the $#!+ ever hits the fan, at least I will be clean.


In November, the lakes started freezing over and we went ice skating on Smith Lake. The family had to give me an extra nudge; I was reluctant at first, but I’m glad I gave in. Skating on a snow free lake under the big sky was extra special.


To top it off, we had homemade pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.


November collage

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