Old Montana Prison Featured on Ghost Lab

Last July, we stayed overnight at the Budget Inn in Deer Lodge. We were on our way home from Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Before leaving town, we had a choice; visit The Old Montana Prison or tour the Grant-Kohrs Ranch.

We opted for cowboys and cattlemen,

The Grant-Kohrs Ranch House in Deer Lodge, Montana

instead of touring the haunted prison.

The Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge, Montana. I cropped this one a bit.  It had too much of the street.

In retrospect, I wish we would have gone to both because I‘m wondering if the crew of “Ghost Lab” was filming paranormal activity at the prison while we were at a motel across the street.

(Deer Lodge is a very small town out in the middle of nowhere Montana, and there isn’t much choice in lodging. The Budget Inn where we stayed wasn’t fancy, but it was clean and the proprietor was super nice. We’ve done our share of traveling and sometimes we hit the jackpot and sometimes we hit the Jade.)

E at the motel playground.

“Ghost Lab”, a Discovery Science Channel show, is featuring the Old Montana Prison in one of its episodes. The title of the episode is “No Escape” and will air on the Science Channel at 8 p.m., 11 p. m. and again on Friday at 3 in the morning (these times are Eastern, so be sure to adjust for your time zone. Here in Kalispell, we are in Mountain Time which is 2 hours later than Eastern).

The crew of “Ghost Lab” will not reveal what spooky phenomenon will air on the show, but Barry Klinge, one of the show’s hosts said in an online chat that the haunted prison is a favorite.

According to Julia Brewer, the local prison director, she has been doing some research on her own about the Old Montana Prison. She has taken notes about the prison’s paranormal activity for the last 10 years. Her records include experiences such as whispers and footsteps, to flying objects and feelings of dread.

If you miss the show tonight and aren’t at Midnight Mass on December 24, you can catch “No Escape” on the Discovery Channel at midnight. It might be cool to watch a different haunting on Christmas Eve, other than those of Marley.

It’s a good possibility that the crew of Ghost Lab was filming at the prison when we were in town. Perhaps we’ll get back to Deer Lodge one day and check out the ghosts at the prison for ourselves.



It’s beautiful country around Deer Lodge, and you won’t go wrong by visiting either the Old Montana Prison or the Grant-Kohrs Ranch.

View from Grant-Kohrs Ranch


And to make your travels even more interesting: Stop at the rest stop on I-90 south of Deer Lodge, whether you need to tinkle or not. It’s the snazziest rest stop I’ve ever seen west of the Mississippi, perhaps the nicest, period! I wish I would have taken my camera inside and taken a few pictures, but I would have looked really weird and creeped people out.

For more on the prison, click here.  For “Ghost Lab” listings, click here.  For more pictures on Yellowstone, Tetons, and the Grant-Kohrs Ranch, please visit our Facebook Fan Page.

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