Signs of Spring

While much of the U.S. is greening up and experiencing signs of spring in the form of blooming azaleas and cherry blossoms, Montana is slowly awakening from its wintertime slumber. Trees are showing buds and a couple of early crocus flowers have shown their faces in the garden, but for the most part our landscape is bare. We’ve had a few inches of snowfall and the skies have been overcast, which is typical for March.


There have been some wonderfully warm sunny days bringing with them a cheerful energy as people have taken to the outdoors.

We’ve had little more than a week of spring and this is how it has been looking in Kalispell.


A purple crocus adds a bit of color to our yard.


Eileen is great at macro shots and captured this purple beauty in our side yard.


A light snowfall on March 23rd


As you can see, the trees remain bare. The maple trees know where they live and don’t leave until mid-spring. Snowfall is possible throughout the valley all through the season.


School children made snowballs and snowmen.


The recent snowfall was wet which is the best kind of snow for making snowmen. After a mild winter, I’ve seen more snowmen in early spring than I did in winter.


A red squirrel.


Immediately after taking this photo of this adorable squirrel in what looks like a winter scene, a postal worker commented on the noisy robins that were hopping about on a nearby lawn. The robins have been around for weeks, a well-marked sign of Spring.


Eileen’s macro of a touch of color


Another of Eileen’s shots. My girls and I always love to see the signs of spring in our yard in the form of pretty crocus.


Fish Creek Trail in Glacier National Park


Last Saturday, Glacier National Park had a lot of snow for outdoor, winter (not spring) activities.



David took this shot of me taking a picture of the river near the muzzleloading range. Last Sunday was a perfect spring day. .


Eileen riding her bike at Dry Bridge


Longer days, gorgeous evening skies, and bike riding are definitely signs of spring. Eileen is seen here riding her bike at Dry Bridge where the kids sled and snowboard in winter. However, we were short on snowfall this past winter, making fewer opportunities for sledding.

Happy Spring!




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