Seven Steps for Making Snow Rolls

The holidays are upon us and with it comes the joy of snow rolls.

No, you silly oaf, I am not talking about anything gooey, sweet, or made with bread.

I wouldn’t eat anything like that. I am a cat.

I am talking about winter sports for felines. Let me tell you how you can get started and engage in this furrtastic wintertime activity.

First – if you are an indoor cat, you need to get yourself outdoors.

Thank goodness I am no longer a housebound tabby and don’t have to worry about any fancy maneuverings of trying to sneak out of an open door.

Second – if you don’t have any friends (like me) other than family, (I call the humans my family), you may want to ask them to join you.

Here you see me at the door trying to get my adopted family’s attention in order to coax them to come out and play.



No, that is not a tear drop falling from my left eye. I am not crying. Real men don’t cry. And just because I am neutered does not mean that I am not a REAL man!

Third – look around for a good spot to roll.



Fourth – test out the snow by lying down.



Fifth – when you’re ready, kick up your legs.



Sixth – with a good wiggle and a twist, fling yourself onto your back.



Seven – change positions and roll back and forth as much as you want.



The feeling is exhilarating, refreshing, magnifique! This is the purrfect sport for any feline that wants to beat the winter doldrums, exercise outdoors, and stay fit all winter.






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