The Best of Both Worlds


After my supervised excursion to the outdoors, I’ve been dying to go out again. And I have. Every chance I get I slink past the humans and go outside to nibble some grass and breathe in the fresh air. When I’m lucky they will stay outside with me for a couple of minutes, and when they are “busy” they quickly pick me up and put me back inside.

I love slinking around.


Humph. I wish I could open doors all by myself, because I don’t like feeling as though someone else has control of my life.


It’s purry good to get outdoors.


Things haven’t been that bad inside, though. The air has been getting chillier and I enjoy sleeping on a comfortable blanket on a bed. On especially cool nights they might even turn on the heater. I love watching the orange glow of the fake flames.




Lately, I’ve been having the best of both worlds.






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