The Breathtaking Missions of Montana

David wrote an article titled, “Can’t Capture It“.  Here’s how it starts:

“We can intrigue, inform, lure, excite, or invite with our stories, yet cannot pass on experience from one to another. The images we capture serve to awaken memories in those that have them and hopefully stimulate fantasies in those that don’t.”

He was inspired to write after we took a trip up the Northfork last year.  The scenery was so impressive that he realized a picture may be worth a thousand words but it cannot capture the emotional response that such splendor can stir.

Returning from a recent trip to Missoula and catching that first glimpse of the majestic Mission Mountain Range gave me that breathtaking feeling. So what is breathtaking?  It is exciting, thrilling, astonishing, inspiring, astounding, beautiful; enough to take one’s breath away. Okay, I know I’m gushing but those towering jagged peaks never fail to impress me.  They are grand and imposing, yet somehow comforting in their majesty.  I love Montana and feel blessed to be able to live here and be surrounded with such natural beauty. So without further adieu, I shall leave you with some pictures. Oh, I almost forgot, please don’t forget to read Grandpa Davey’s article, “Can’t Capture It”.

Heading into the Mission Mountains from Hwy. 93
We stopped at a rest stop to take some pictures.  David points to show something to E.  You’ll see him doing that a lot.
The girls and I strike a pose.
The Mission Mountain Range written in Salish and English.

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