The Event at Rebecca Farm

Ponds decorate the grounds of Rebecca Farm.


The Event Rebecca Farm

This was our first year attending the Event at Rebecca Farm. I do not know much about horses, but watching the riders compete in trials for the World Cup was quite impressive. The course is big and set on the Broussard family farm in Kalispell’s beautiful west valley.

The farm grows barley and wheat and covers 640 gently rolling hills. It is a private farm except for special events such as this “World Class Equestrian Triathlon”.

It’s Free

The annual weekend event is free and draws about 15,000 people from around the world. Upon arriving, we were directed to a field to park.

The girls and I were complaining of the heat as it was a scorcher of about 90 degrees. For Montana, that means hot and dry like a desert. Fortunately, it’s not humid and you can get cool in the shade.

As we walked towards the course, I noticed how pretty the grounds were with landscaping that included trees, ponds, and fountains.

We were not sure how to watch a cross-country event but soon realized that spectators were walking from jump to jump. Also, if one desired to stay put, two big white tents had been set up on a hill, which provided shade and a view of the entire course.

There was a trade fair tent selling horse-related goods as well as tents set aside for food vendors.

The more we walked around; I began to think that this was no ordinary cross-country course. Each jump was unique with names such as Pair of Trout, Duck Pond, and Jurassic Park.

They were also pretty. Jumps were painted and showy flowers added a splash of color. I have since learned that blue food color was added to enhance the water’s color on the water obstacles.

Who Designed the Jumps?

The jumps were designed by Captain Mark Phillips and turned into works of art by builder Bert Wood, one of about 25 professional course builders in the world.

Guest artist, Matt Langelier also helped on the project fashioning out the moose jump, which took about 10 days to complete.

What Do You Do Way Up There?

Kalispell is way up in Northwest Montana, not on the interstate, and I have been asked, “What do you have to do up there?”

Well, the Event at Rebecca Farm is one of them… it’s a first-class equestrian event for everyone…it will not let you down.

If you think I’m just saying that because I live here, check out this link to Wet Reins, she has some glowing remarks and wonderful shots of the course.

A jump at Rebecca Farm
Duck jump