The Haunted Hospital in Kalispell?

I imagine that the condominium across from the elementary school is haunted.

Kalispell’s original hospital building converted to condo’s and apartments.


In 1911 a large brick building was constructed to make Kalispell‘s first general hospital. For over 60 years the Eastside Brick building served as the city‘s hospital.

In 1973 it became a branch of the courthouse.

The hospital was refurbished in 2007 to become a condominium for eclectic artists to reside in luxury. Though the big brick building is now designed to look like an artsy Seattle apartment, whispers of the past still echo through the halls.

Last year we took a tour of the condominium where we took quick peeks into the remainders of the hospital rooms before being ushered away by the tour guide, eager to sell apartments.

I was overwhelmed with an eerie feeling as I peered into the rooms which still had the original green tile walls of the hospital. Too many emotions were felt in those rooms for some trace not to remain in the air.

In the nursery you could feel the aura of birth. In the surgery room with brown stains tracing the walls, a tense and eerie feeling made my skin crawl. You could almost hear the screams of those who suffered at the hospital. By the time the tour was over, shivers were racing up and down my spine.

The tour was in conjunction with the opening of The Boiler Room. The old boiler room of the hospital located in the parking lot had been converted into a coffee shop.

The Boiler Room Coffee Shop in Kalispell


The quiet coffee shop is the perfect place to relax, escape from the noise of home, sip some coffee and jot down thoughts.

Sadly The Boiler Room may no longer be a place where people can just hang out without worries. In a mad dash to keep their doors open after being denied the alcohol permit that they were relying on to bring in customers, The Boiler Room has raised prices on their products.

Students from the elementary school across the street can no longer afford the cookie that they always looked forward to after school.


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