The Joy of Snowshoeing

Here I am in my snowshoes and gaiters at Foys Lake Overlook.


For the first time, and I’ve been snowshoeing for five winters now, I snowshoed straight up the side of a mountain. The view of the valley was awesome and a passing snow shower enhanced the outing. It was my birthday and it felt good.

A view of the Flathead Valley and the Swan Range of the Rocky Mountains.

…good to be physically fit, good to commune with nature, and good to experience a fading winter before springtime melts it all away.

It’s that time of year when one season dissolves into another and I am sad at its passing while yearning for the next. Spring is 10 days away and I am ready.

David and E

If you haven’t tried snowshoeing, capture the last bit of winter’s magic and discover the joys of snowshoeing.

The benefits to snowshoeing include:

  • Physical Fitness – Snowshoeing is hiking. Snowshoes are comparable to giant clown shoes. Picking up your feet and breaking trail in deep snow is a total body workout.
  • Mental Health – Combine physical fitness with the outdoors to clear the cobwebs and maintain a positive mental attitude and sense of well being.
  • Family Time –  Snowshoeing is a winter sport the whole family can enjoy. It’s a fun winter activity for exploring the great outdoors.
  • Silence – As the saying goes, silence is golden. Take some time to appreciate the stillness of a snow blanketed forest or hilltop. In doing so you may discover the beauty of inner peace.

Happy Trails,


I’m following up this article with a link to a subscriber’s post titled “…in my own backyard”, in which he most eloquently compares his first snowshoeing experience to passing through the wardrobe into Narnia. In the same article, William shares his idea of solitude.  Thank you, William.

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