The Mail Slot

Once in awhile I pause and think about the things that I have manifested. Sometimes my mental picture makes me smile, other times it does not.


A few years ago, I manifested a bat. Mallory and E found it hanging tenaciously onto our screen door. I asked it to leave nicely but it wouldn’t give up without a fight. After that episode, I began stuffing the mail slot year round.
My mail slot
I love mail slots. My Aunt Frieda had one in her front door. The mailman would come by, drop the mail through the slot, and envelopes would tumble to the floor. I thought it was a pretty cool way to receive the mail. It ranked right up there with my Aunt Margaret’s built into the counter top, blender.


Getting a mail slot was no overnight thing. It took me quite a number of years to manifest one. In addition to the address and the porch swing, it’s one of the features of this house that shouts “This is what you wanted!”


Now, I’d like to tell you a little story about my mail slot.


Several months back, the postman (not our regular one) asked Mallory why we stuff the mail slot with rags. She told him the story about the bat, but he didn’t seem to appreciate it.


Gruffly he responded with, “the bats aren’t out in the daytime!”


Well, the bat we had hanging on the door was around in the daytime!


Shortly thereafter, I thought I’d better ask my regular carrier if he had a problem with my mail slot.


He said, “no.”


We made it through the holidays with the stuffed mail slot and even put out a nice thank you note to the mailman for putting up with it. Well, like I said, it’s no problem for our regular carrier.


Now to yesterday.  E and I were sitting at the table working when we heard the mailman on the porch. Apparently, he was having a tough time pushing the mail through the slot. It sounded as though he was forcefully shoving in the envelopes to clear the rags. Nothing fell through, so we checked the porch. I sensed he was miffed because he didn’t leave anything.


I called down the street to the postman, who was not the regular. He ignored me, so I called a bit louder.


I asked if he had any mail for us and he said, “I’ll be back tomorrow.“


I said, ” I want the mail now.”


He gave it to me while he asked me why I stuff the slot.


I told him, “because it’s cold.”


He suggested I put a mailbox on the outside. I turned around and went home, and that was the end of that.


It wasn’t until I moved to Montana that I had mail delivered to the door. It was always a rural box.


I love the mail slot…I think I’ll keep it just the way it is.


And it just goes to show you that whatever you put your attention on will eventually manifest…from the bat on my door, to my porch swing, to the disgruntled postman.

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for!


Here’s a link to Amazon, if you’ve always wanted a mail slot. National Hardware V1911 1-1/2-by-7-Inch Mail Slot, Solid Brass

Written any letters lately?


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