The Swan Rangers and the 79 Switchbacks!

We set out early in the morning, about seven o’ clock. The Swan Rangers, a hiking group that goes out on Saturdays, were going to meet at the Echo Lake Cafe, at 7:30. We arrived, and told the waitress that we were there to go with the Swan

Rangers. The leader, Keith Hammer, sat down with us to talk. We ordered hot chocolate, while our Dad got coffee. After we had our hot chocolate, and our parents paid the bill, we all drove to a nearby parking lot. Here the group decided that we would hike the Switchback Trail, in Jewel Basin. Everyone got in their cars and drove away to the trailhead. On the trail, we easily got ahead of Mom and Dad, and soon to the front of the group. Everyone asked us if we wanted to wait for Mom and Dad, but we wanted to be at the top before them. At the last stretch of trail, the uphill was more constant, and people passed us. We kept hiking and came upon the last part of the trail where snow covered most of the ground. People let us use their hiking poles. Finally we all reached Malfunction Junction. We went up a little slope, and ate our lunches. We tried tofu jerky and pemmican bars for the first time. The tofu jerky had a very strange flavor like some kind of spicy seasoning. “M” thinks pemmican bars taste like wild animals. It was about 30 minutes until Mom and Dad arrived with the leader. The scenery was beautiful up there.

After everybody had eaten their lunches, and talked, we headed back down the trail.

“M” got ahead, while “E” stayed with Mom and Dad this time. “E” spotted some mushrooms, including the pretty coral mushroom, shown here. We got back to the cars, and drove home. For “E” this was an enjoyable experience.

Quick Facts:

This trail has 79 switchbacks, and is constant uphill on the way up.

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