The Weather

by Marlene

The Pond at Woodland Park – Kalispell, Montana

If you follow this blog, you know that I occasionally talk about the weather. That’s because I have found that people are curious about Montana weather. I’ve been asked about the weather by those romanticizing about it and scoffed at by those who think Montana is too cold. But I don’t believe I’ve heard the complaint that Montana is too hot except by those of us who live here. Also, after living in a hot and humid climate below sea level, I now live in a valley and experience weather that is affected by mountains and I find it novel.

On the one hand, we’ve been wearing jackets and closing our windows in the morning because of cold. On the other hand we’ve been complaining about afternoon heat. Just yesterday I started out wearing a jacket. The girls and I went out in the morning to Woodland Park to take some video. It was a pleasant morning and the park was filled with the sound of ducks quacking and geese honking. Mothers strolled babies and a group of school children played on the slides. Others came out like we did to take pictures in the morning light.

Later in the afternoon, the temperatures rose and I had to use the fan. The thermometer read 83 degrees and the indoor thermostat said 78. Not all that uncomfortable but feeling a little warm for September as our normal high is 67. As August was cooler than usual, the warm temps please M and E. It turns out, we had a record high temperature yesterday of 88 degrees. It depends on where you are in the valley and the official temperature is measured at the airport, not here in town. So as we begin today, the forecast is for rain showers and a high of 75. With autumn just a few days away, we’ll see what it brings soon enough. The weather can change pretty quickly here.

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