Picture Window Theatre

Now that fall has rolled around, darkness comes earlier and it’s time to enjoy glancing into windows once again.

Glancing into windows on evening walks with David has always been a favorite pastime of mine. It’s like an invitation to a play where the curtain is drawn, the stage is lit, and the actors play out various roles.

Only this is not a theatre, it’s my neighborhood. And each act is different. I watch families having dinner, people staring at computers, and kids sitting around tables doing homework. A few of them read newspapers or books while many watch TV. I see artists, musicians, and cooks. Some rooms are always lit, yet empty – begging for attention from passersby.

Some of the rooms are adorned while others are plain. Well appointed rooms draw me in with warm colored walls and artsy accessories. Sparkling chandeliers grace fancy foyers and pretty lamps glow in cozy living rooms.

Lit up classrooms look inviting and take me back to elementary school with colorful bulletin boards and tiny desks.

When the play is over, David and I return to our own backyard. I always look toward the lighted window wondering what you will see when glancing into the window of our little house in Kalispell.


Would you like a lamp like the one in A Christmas Story to show off in your picture window? You can buy one in Kalispell.


Happy Fall!




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