This Year at the NW Montana Fair

The fairgrounds are quiet and the Northwest Montana Fair is over signaling the end of summer. Folks from miles around came to traipse around animal barns that smelled of poop and urine.

White mules shine brightly in the sunshine.

Youngsters paid to wrestle with pigs in sloppy wet mud.  The teams competed for prizes.

As soon as the sun went down, the pigs knew it was time to sleep.

Crowds of rodeo fans whooped and hollered at bull riding cowboys, then laughed and cheered for little kids mutton’ bustin. Kids of all ages spun themselves silly on carnival rides, just for the fun of it. The smell of food wafted in the air tempting fair goers with corn dogs, cotton candy and funnel cakes.

I’m dizzy!

As always, we visited every exhibit. We walked around the Dahlia Barn, dubbed as “the best part of the fair”, by my husband (wink, wink), surveyed the homemade canned goods, critiqued the photographs, and looked at all of the 4-H entries. We also stopped in at the woodworking shop where craftsmen demonstrated their skills. This year we were in for a special surprise.

I know…some people consider flowers boring.  I think they are pretty.

We watched as the lathe operator turned down a piece of wood. It began to take shape and when it was finished, the operator handed a beautifully handcrafted honey dipper to Mallory. I was very pleased. We had just made homemade fireweed honey the day before and I had always wanted a honey dipper. It’s just one of those nifty kitchen gadgets I had never gotten around to buying.

Look at the craftsmanship.  Isn’t it well done?

A great time was had by all!  What did you do at the fair this year?

And if you’ve always wanted a honey dipper but never got around to buying one, they are inexpensive and here’s one on Amazon that looks similar to mine. Wooden Honey Dipper – 6 1/2 inch Hardwood

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