Tibbs’ Playground Adventure

As I basked in the sunbeams on the cool leather sofa, Tibbs took a walk with my adopted mommy and adopted grandmommy. I was feeling zen and happy to stay at home as I knew that Adopted Grandmommy would take lots of pictures and I felt my time would be better spent through thoughtful meditation rather than playing  “frisky cat” for a photo shoot.














Tibbs got ready to go and donned Adopted Mommy’s homemade kitty harness.


Tibbs looks adorable walking down the sidewalk




















They went to school park where Adopted Mommy put Tibbs on a bench (Tibbs said he didn’t like being bossed around and that’s why he is meowing in this photo).


Tibbs looks adorable even while fussing.


Tibbs said the tires were fun, yet challenging as he has been trying to improve his jumping skills.


Tibbs looks adorable getting ready to jump.


He liked playing ice cream store even though he didn’t have any other kitties to play customer.


Tibbs looks adorable playing ice cream store.


And the most fun, according to Tibbs, was driving the car. He imagined he was Toonces, the Driving Cat. 


Tibbs looks adorable driving a car.


But on the way home, Tibbs had a trifle more excitement than he bargained for in the guise of a pretty cream colored feline.


Pretty, but scary big cat.


Tibbs said he got extremely nervous as the big cat walked closer. He had the feeling she was going to tell him to get out of her territory and that she would do it in an unfriendly manner with the swipe of a paw. He was on a leash and couldn’t run! He had to act immediately! Tibbs arched his back in a display of macho intimidation. It worked! The cat creature backed off and Tibbs let out a sigh of relief.


Tibbs looks adorable arching his back.


The story seemed to drone on and on, but I listened politely and looked at all of the pictures. When he was finished telling about his playground adventure, I closed my eyes and fell into a deep trance.


Uh, huh. When are you going to be finished?




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