Triceratops Skull Sold For $251,000!

A Triceratops skull found on an eastern Montana ranch sold for almost 251,000 bucks! An anonymous person bought the 7 1/2′ long, and more than 5′ wide skull for $250,950 in an online auction. The skull was found over a decade ago on a ranch in Wilbaux County. It was stored at the ranch until a Canadian fossil dealer bought it to prepare for auction. The rancher who found the fossil prefers to remain anonymous.

Montana is full of dinosaur bones and is also the home of one of the finest paleontology exhibits in North America. The Museum of the Rockies is located in Bozeman, and its curator is the famous paleontologist, Jack Horner. We visited the museum in May of 2006 on our way home from Yellowstone National Park. This picture of Triceratops skulls was taken in the Hall of Horns and Teeth which contains the world’s most complete Triceratops growth series.

Triceratop skulls from the Museum of the Rockies

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